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Internet of Things

A new market of smart objects connected to the Internet
Connect objects allows you to create new products and services. The data allow us to offer development opportunities and flexible management / maintenance. Learn with us!
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Proximity marketing
Marketing is getting closer to the consumer. Thanks to new digital tools you can offer your customer a unique shopping experience and not lose sales opportunities.
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Want a solution to sell online?
We develop customized solutions for your online store from the most suitable web platform to support for managing logistics and maintaining updated content!
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We communicate innovation
Using digital technology and the web make it easy to reach your customer, cuddle and follow him to his experience with your company.
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Industry 4.0 but what is it?
What does implement information technology and business process within the organization? Find out with us.
"L'innovazione esige un abbandono pianificato dei modi di operare consolidati, family and traditional, both in the production of products both in the provision of services, nelle competenze come nei rapporti interpersonali." Joseph Schumpeter, economist


We design and develop e-commerce with a focus on operational management and innovative marketing activities to grow your store


Analysis and monitoring of IT resources to the objectives of business. We help your reality to optimize their use to enhance the investment.


Advice and assistance in the digital world, We make it easy to make the most of the innovative tools available today. We want to create value solutions that make you grow!


And 'one of our passion, the design, development and analysis projects of the Internet of Things. The future of Smart Life. Working on a project our Openlight.

Industry 4.0 what's this ? An opportunity also for small and medium-sized enterprises?

What Industry 4.0 ? Basically anything different from what is already in many companies is long

HE – Artificial Intelligence in Business

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) it refers to a technological system - usually a computer - that is

The Openlight project reaches the stage prototyping

Finally, after a long time, we have almost completed the prototype of the Smart Lighting Openlight project. A

Thinkplace enters Venetex circuit

Thinkplace enters Venetex circuit to offer their products and services to members of the circuit

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Our services are aimed at:

    • E-commerce site dedicated to your project
    • Create an online reputation
    • Personal web
    • Associations and Cultural Events
    • Promotion and marketing
    • Designing, E-Commerce
    • Analysis and monitoring ICT
    • Research and development
    • Innovation
    • Growth strategies
    • Opensource
    • Partnership
    • ICT solutions
    • Community
    • Tourism promotion

Our passion leads us to improve more and more!

The projects, advice, products. Only some of the services Thinkplace offers.